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Mark and his experienced team understand the unique challenges you face and are dedicated to providing effective solutions that address both immediate concerns and long-term goals. When you entrust us with your workers’ compensation or personal injury case, you gain access to a comprehensive approach. Our team takes on the responsibility of managing all communication with insurance company representatives on your behalf. This ensures that you are shielded from unintentionally making statements that may be used against your claim, ultimately minimizing the risk of denial or reduction in your rightful compensation

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These cases are intricate and can require several months, or even years, to reach a resolution. It is crucial to partner with an attorney like Mark Chipokas, who comprehends the obstacles you are facing and knows how to provide immediate solutions while working towards a long-term settlement. By choosing Mark and his professional legal team, you gain direct access to their services. They will handle all correspondence with insurance company representatives on your behalf, preventing you from making statements that could potentially be used against your claim, leading to denial or reduction of compensation.

Mark is well-versed in the strategies employed by insurance defense lawyers to invalidate valid claims. They will collaborate with you and your healthcare providers to ensure that all necessary medical records and reports are properly organized and submitted in a timely manner to bolster your claim.

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